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Barbara Bluhm

Barbara Bluhm

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03/08/19 12:20 PM #1    

Jean Bragg (Dietz)

I will always remember Barbara's beautiful voice.  I heard some of her performances with the Phoenix Bach Choir. (Now known as Phoenix Chorale).  

Barbara and her mother were murdered in the late 1980's and her father was critically beaten during a home invasion.

03/09/19 12:11 PM #2    

Debra Hagel (Vote)

My memory of Barbara is also her amazing voice and piano talent.  I will never forget her counting the bricks as she walked at Madison to get to class. 

03/11/19 06:45 AM #3    

Wilfred Ronald (Ron) Cordova

I remember her ability to truly multitask. She could be reading her braille books and listening in and joining conversations. Then one time in music class, she played 2 wind instruments at the same time. Very smart and courageous.

03/17/19 04:51 PM #4    

William Tumbleson

A beautiful voice, a fantastic talent, a tragic end to such a treasure ... those who knew even in passing will miss her.

04/25/19 05:19 PM #5    

Sue Humphrey

I went to elementary school and high school with Barbara.  Her voice was fantastic!  A true loss to the music world.  Her skills in music and academics were quite amazing.  She was very strong in her academics which was amazing to me.  She fit in and contributed to groups.  A sad ending....

06/13/19 03:12 PM #6    

Vicki Jenkins (De Werth)

Barbara and I knew each other since we were about 5 years old. She taught me how to ride a bike and to play jacks. She was never treated differently than the rest of us kids so she didn't think of herself as different. I would run into her every few months long after we graduated. When she heard my voice she would always say "good to see ya' Vic". I took her death very hard as well as that of her dear parents. She is singing and playing music in heaven now and I look forward to hearing her say "good to see ya' Vicki" again someday.

06/14/19 11:07 AM #7    

Alicia Farrell (Hicks)

I went to school with Barbara from Kindergarten to Senior year.   I remember being told in Kindergarten that she saw through her fingers unlike the rest of our class.  Several days a week she went to see her 'blind' teacher and one of us would get to walk her over to her room.  I could hardly wait to be chosen for the honor. As we walked over I was holding her hand guiding her but was busily searching her fingers looking for little eyes.  I was kind of disappointed I didn't find any.  She was interested in what things looked like - especially clouds. She would always ask me if there were any in the sky and what they looked like today.  After hearing her say her teacher would tell the color green was like what grass felt like, I used cotton balls in my description. She totally understood what it felt like when a hairbrush combed a cotton ball and made it look wispy. She was an amazingly talented young lady. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to have her in our class and get to know her. 


09/04/19 04:28 PM #8    

Harmon Sieff

Barbara was the most inspiring person I met in school. I had never thought of blindness before, but she must’ve been the bravest of our graduates. She astounded me self-navigating the Madison and Camelback campuses, and taught me that anything is possible at ASU. She was blessed with a beauty eyes can never behold.

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