Photo Gallery

Many thanks to all who worked on this yearbook--it is awesome!  Enjoy a walk down Memory Lane, everyone! Click to enlarge the first photo (in the framed box below), and a slideshow will start for "The Shield" Gallery.  If you want to pause it at any point, there is a pause button at the top left. 

Saturday Night Reunion
141 Photos  1/22/20
Friday Night Hilton Mixer
35 Photos  1/20/20
Friday Night Fiesta
85 Photos  1/20/20
CHS Tour
15 Photos  1/20/20
6 Galleries  1/21/20
The Shield
207 Photos  1/23/20
Pre and Post Reunion
7 Photos  1/28/20
Superstition Mt. Hikers
2 Photos  1/29/20
Group Photo with Name Key
4 Photos  1/29/20
Sunday Morning Breakfast
1 Photo  1/29/20